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                  INNOVATIVE RESULTS

Dr. Sasan Iranpour, P.Eng.

President and Managing Principal

Dr. Sasan Iranpour, P.Eng., is a visionary business executive and seasoned engineer, with over three decades of combined experience in engineering consulting and construction. His enthusiastic journey has taken him across various industries and regions worldwide, honing his expertise and building a vast network of contacts.

Dr. Sasan Iranpour Ph.D P.Eng. 2.jpg

Throughout his career, Sasan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to transcend boundaries, seamlessly integrating technologies and insights from one industry to another. This cross-pollination of ideas has enabled him to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients, saving both time and resources.


A trailblazer in his field, Sasan's commitment to engineering excellence has resulted in numerous award-winning projects and groundbreaking initiatives across Canada and the USA. His commitment to fostering innovation and expertise shines through in his ongoing collaboration with top industry professionals and his active participation in sharing expertise on challenging projects. These efforts enrich the business landscape with invaluable insights and knowledge, contributing to our collective advancement here at Alphatecs.


As the driving force behind the company, Dr. Iranpour leads with a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a relentless commitment to innovation and growth. Under his guidance, Alphatecs stands as a beacon of engineering excellence, dedicated to transforming project ideas into accomplished realities. With expertise spanning diverse fields, Alphatecs is positioned to make a positive impact on communities across Canada and the United States.

Dr. Iranpour's diverse experience spans from EPCM of the sixth tallest tower in the world to challenging tunneling projects in North America. His portfolio includes projects encompassing dams, pipelines, bridges, buildings, mines, ports, and design and construction supervision of artificial islands tailored for oil and gas extraction, processing and transportation.

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