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Image by American Public Power Association


We closely integrate with our clients by communicating and understanding their specific challenges and needs. Whether for small or large scale projects, we provide customized solutions that fit their needs, and help them overcome their challenges effectively and efficiently. 


We provide practical and effective engineering solutions to help our clients design, assess, monitor, and improve the reliability and integrity of their assets and equipment. Below is a list of typical assets we can help you with.


  • Liquids-rich gas multi-well pads

  • Waterflood and polyflood wellpad design

  • Water injection and disposal facilities

Oil Refinery

Midstream & Downstream:

  • Upgrades and modifications to various plant equipment (coolers, compressors, pumps, etc.)

  • Fired and unfired heat transfer equipment

  • Static equipment (tower, reactors, tanks, etc.)

  • Rotating equipment

  • Material selection for corrosion and erosion protection

  • Stress analysis

  • Reliability and integrity engineering

  • Temperature and vibration monitoring and analysis

  • Life cycle cost analysis

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