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Our Research & Development (also known as R&D) team actively collaborates with other companies in developing knowledge that is used to create novel technology, products, services, or systems.

We plan and manage Joint Industry Projects with industries and research organizations in areas related to structural, mechanical and earthquake engineering. These Joint Industry Projects are generally managed by Alphatecs, and are co-funded by industrial partners who share the benefits.


Our greatest asset for Research & Development is our expertise in critical thinking and providing innovative solutions. We are proud to put our strength in Research & Development directly to our clients and customers. Whether new products, innovative application or enhanced productivity, we are looking at ways to produce new knowledge or improve the existing technology.

The success of our Research & Development program is rooted in our open and proactive communication, where innovative ideas meet and evolve. The scope of the project is defined and shaped around our client's need, which is closely and continuously monitored and communicated with all stakeholders during the course of the project. Our aim is to provide the most practical and cost effective solution within a reasonable time frame and budget.

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Having worked on many Research & Development programs, our team has gained valuable experience in joint industry projects where academic know-how's and industry requirements merge to provide the most practical solution. These experiences range from concept to completion, and include different services such as defining the project, developing its scope, building the project team, securing the budget, spreading the work between project partners, monitoring and reporting, and managing all project phases.


Our Research & Development team has provided innovative solutions for clients in different sectors such as building, infrastructure, mines, plants, offshore, marine and aerospace industry. They have worked closely with prestigious universities and high-profile industrial partners to provide solutions with direct application in the industry. Our experience ranges from enhancing the ductility of embedded deep structural shafts in liquefiable soil, to increasing the fatigue life of offshore structures under high ocean current profiles.

Our diverse range of experience in Research & Development is rooted in our team’s multi-disciplinary skillset, and is empowered by our open and collaborative communication with our project partners. We use our experience to bring together unique knowledge within a partnership, where ideas are shared, shaped and utilized to fit a specific purpose. 

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See how our innovative ideas meet and evolve.

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