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Brooklyn Bridge


With the support of its multidisciplinary engineering teams and its project managers, Alphatecs provides infrastructure planning, engineering design and construction services for municipal, building, transportation, transmission and power generation projects. Our proactive approach and constant communication throughout the course of our projects always results in on-time and on-budget delivery of our services.


Having extensively worked on various infrastructure projects in North America , our team provide practical and cost-effective solutions in various infrastructure sectors, including:

Dams, spillways and intake towers

  • Dam core

  • Abutments​

  • Retaining walls

  • Buttresses

  • Foundations and slabs

  • Piles

Natural Water System
Engineer Checking Rails

Tunnels and underground structures

  • Tunnel

  • Shaft

  • Chamber

  • Subway stations

  • Pipelines

  • Reservoir

  • Parking

  • Slurry wall


  • Post-tension girder bridges

  • Pre-cast elements

  • Steel, concrete and composite girder bridges

  • Steel truss bridges

  • Arch and cable bridges

  • Condition assessment and inspection

  • Seismic retrofit

  • Independent design and peer review

  • Value engineering

Concrete Bridge
Building Under Construction

Construction Engineering

  • Constructability review

  • Piling and foundation

  • Shoring and rigging design

  • Construction or demolition procedures

  • Road deck and walkway installation

  • Temporary false work and structure

  • Cofferdams


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