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Our HSE is inline with our Vision.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE):

HSE is a top priority for us due to their significant impact on the world we live in. This is very much in line with our vision: “Make a Positive Impact on People and Environment”.

In all we do, we ensure our workers are not injured or affected in anyways by the work they perform. We implement a positive health & safety culture, and care for the environment we live in. We aim to manage workplace health and safety in a better way, and safeguard the well-being of our team.

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Safety culture


Our safety culture refers to our practices and procedures, and relates specifically to the values and beliefs concerning HSE shaped by all our employees. We believe a strong HSE safety culture significantly improvs the safety performance, reduces incidents, and mitigates unsafe behaviors and conditions that can lead to accidents.

Safety data collection, analysis, and sharing


Safety data collection, analysis, and sharing help us find out the root causes of the event, explore hazards, improve our HSE programs and enhance our safety culture. We investigate the workplace to ensure compliance with our safety standards before starting the job to ensure the safety of the workers. The data is collected, analyzed and shared with the staff to always keep SHE a top priority within our organization. 

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